Quality: From Start to the Finish Line

Quality is built into Cecil’s DNA — and we don’t cut any corners regarding the quality of our finishes. Form and function, that is what our customers demand — and what we were designed to provide.

You’ve Got Options

We offer a range of surface finishing options to meet your application requirements, specification, and budget. All of which result in a final application of a minimum 1.5 mil dry film thickness (DFT), UV-resistant coating in compliance with ANSI C136.20-2012.

Smooth Finish

This is what you’d expect to see on a new pole — a smooth, uniform, gloss surface you’d be proud to have sitting front and center. The filament-wound pole is constructed with a UV- and weather-resistant pigmented resin system, polyester veil and additional pigmented coating prior to the final paint application. The result is a state-of-the-art finish that is built to last the test of the elements and time.

Natural, Smooth, and Semi-Smooth Poles text

Semi-Smooth Finish

Our semi-smooth finish allows for the weather durability needed for most applications at a more efficient price point. Providing an aesthetically pleasing look that nods to the fiberglass material of the pole with a textured surface resembling the lay-down pattern of the resin and glass fibers. The formed structure is finished with a UV- and weather-resistant pigmented resin system and polyester veil prior to the final paint application.

Don’t Let Color Hold You Back

Looking for a special color? Just ask! We offer the three standard colors noted below plus the option to match any RAL or custom color.

Natural Finish

The most economical option we offer, our natural surface finish is best for remote, low-traffic areas due to the minimal processing of the substrate of the pole. This option does not allow for the UV protection expected from our other finishes.

Our Standard Colors

Dark Bronze (DB)

Black (BK)

Gray (GR)

Illustration of white silhouetted telephone poles.

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Illustration of white silhouetted telephone poles.