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Cecil Composites light poles are manufactured within a facility and on equipment that were designed and engineered to address the growing demand for filament-wound composite poles. 

Strands of fiberglass are infused with pigmented resin and spirally wound onto a rotating mandrel to provide the ideal strength for each pole’s application. Every inch of our production process was designed with the end users’ requirements in mind. 

The result is a high-performance structure with an aesthetically pleasing, uniform surface. UV-inhibitors are formulated into the resin and surface finishes as part of our thorough, systematic approach to UV protection. After cooling, the poles are fitted with tenons and other attachments. Depending on the requirements, they may also undergo additional finishing steps such as polishing prior to final coating to the customer specification.

Round Tapered Embedded Pole Designs and Specifications

Line Drawing
  • Mounting heights from 12-30 feet
  • Smooth, semi-smooth, or natural finish
  • 3 standard colors available: Dark Bronze, Black, and Gray
  • High-performance UV- and weather-resistant pigmented resin system with an additional pigmented coating and optional polyester veil
  • Tenon top, drilled and capped, or cap only
  • Standard 2-1/2” x 5” handhole, located 18” above grade
  • Standard 2-1/2” x 5” wire access hole, located 24” below grade
  • Anti-rotation flare structurally integrated into pole base
  • Lightweight, easy to install, saves money
  • Round tapered pole constructed of thermosetting resin reinforced with glass or other fibers of such quantity and orientation to meet or exceed performance requirement set forth in ANSI C136.20-2012
  • Low-angle, pre-tensioned glass fibers provide longitudinal stiffness and strength
  • Higher-angle hoop fibers provide buckling resistance in the lower pole regions
  • Use of ultraviolet-resistant and pigmented resin approximately the same color as the final coating
  • A minimum of 1.5 mil of highly weather-resistant, pigmented coating is applied to the pole in compliance with ANSI C136.20-2012
  • Fiberglass-reinforced composite, per Cecil Composites design
  • Wind loading calculated for the appropriate wind velocity with a 3-second gust factor per ASCE
  • Effective projected area (EPA) is the actual area adjusted with the appropriate drag coefficient (shape factor) to result in an equivalent area having a drag coefficient equal to one (1) using ANSI C136.20-2012
  • Poles are flame resistant per ASTM D635; specimens must cease to burn before the gauge mark of 100mm (3.9 inches) is reached
  • (If applicable) Poles predrilled and capped to accommodate the lighting fixture(s) specified
  • (If applicable) 6061-T6 / A356-T6 aluminum tenons permanently bonded to the fiberglass shaft
  • Handhole opening 2.5” x 5”
  • Handhole cover attached with a corrosion-resistant 1/4” socket head screw
  • Each pole bears an identification tag placed within one foot from the top of the pole that lists the model, catalog number, and manufacture month and year
  • Each pole is individually packaged for and crated for protection during shipping
  • Wrapping should be removed at time of receipt of product

Wind Loading Data

To see complete information about each pole below, including a cutsheet, please use the scroll bar at the bottom of the chart.

Part NumberOverall Length (ft.)Mounting Height (ft.)Burial Depth (ft.)Tip Diameter O.D. (in)Groundline Diameter O.D (in)Weight (lbs)Luminare Max Weight (lbs)Wind speed (mph) values calculated per ANSI C136.20 for a 3-sec.
gust factor

Building a Part Number​

Part Number 5/22

Options and Accessories

To help you meet the variety of specifications your lighting applications demand, we can offer accessories such as alternate hand hole screws, hand hole cover tethers, bullhorns, banner arms, and various mounting brackets. Please consult the factory for the required options and accessories.
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